Our Projects

The word “Wlee” means “money” in several African dialects.

Wlee is currently establishing operations in Liberia, West Africa, where we are licensed to operate. Convenient access to banking services is a huge problem across Africa. Wlee aims to solve that problem. Wlee believes there is a better way to bank: from your phone.Watch to know more »

Simsan Ventures’ mission is to find and invest in the best diverse founders, supporting them to create world-class businesses.

Diversity is our $uperpower. We bring an unfair advantage to find and back talented founders from underrepresented backgrounds. We invest in early stage tech businesses with Diversity at its core with a focus on FinTech and Deep Tech from Pre-seed stage to Series A.Watch to know more »

The GUD in Guditalia means Gastronomic Universal Development. Guditalia’s consultancy promotes the transmittance of food production industry knowledge with a focus on environmentally sustainable food production techniques that help to preserve our environment, and the production of healthy, naturally tasty and nutritious foods.Watch to know more »
KogoPAY is a socially conscious fintech start up providing virtual IBANs accounts and mobile wallet. We want to be inclusive, support the unbanked and creating ecosystem that is building a fairer society by helping, supporting, and advancing community.

KogoPAY reduces stress by allowing fast, easy and affordable money payments.Read More »


A financial data analysis, education, money management & recommendations software for Financial Institutions and mobile application for the unbanked. Low financial education in Tanzania/ Africa, leading to bad spending habits and low uptake of formal financial services. This has over 60% of adults’ population in debt.