About Miruminvest

Miruminvest is a boutique London-based investment advisory company that helps startups and SMEs to successfully launch and grow their business.

We connect startup businesses with investors and assist with raising finance, business development and planning, as well as go-to-market campaigns. We support businesses from concept to a scalable venture with launch strategies, business process planning, and “how to” implementation.

Our main focus is Fintech, in the Financial Inclusion Arena.

  • Fintech Africa- LATAM
  • Financial Inclusion Seed stage +
  • Other verticals considered at Seed stage only .

Our Investment Space

Logistics, AgriTech,and Fintech for Africa and LATAM. Only projects at revenue stage will be considered.

For UK-Europe FemTech & Beauty at revenue stage. AI at any stage.

Blockchain from Start Up’s to A Series+. Worldwide



Data Analysis


Supply Chain





Embedded finance, so relevant adjacencies to other sectors, incl. gaming may be a fit our verticals.

Meds Europe – USA.

From Series A to B+ (Seed at revenue also considered)

 Average Investment over lifetime up to €6-8M / not required but could be better

 Lead / Co-Lead

 Need to have some Clinical evidence

 Market size >€500M

 IP already filed or accepted

 Strong Team, with possibility of further development in earlier stage companies

Regarding sectors for medtech:

Digital healthcare |  Surgical equipment | In vitro and in vivo diagnostic | Therapeutic devices

We’d love to see if we can fund your growth with our founder friendly / non-dilutive capital.

  • We focus on the following markets: UK, USA, Germany Spain, Netherlands, and Poland.
  • Companies that generate over $1M of revenue annually.
  • Industries are: e-commerce, Subscription, D2C, Fintech, Insurtech, Mobile apps, Gaming, SaaS.

$ Black Founders Fund

Google for Startups deploys $4M of grant funding to 40 Black-led startups across Europe

In an effort to kick-start a greater number of Black tech founders in Europe, last year Google for Startups launched a $2 million (£1.5 million) grant fund to help tackle the quite obvious and stark racial inequality in the European tech industry. That fund ended up doubling to $4 million (£3 million) and now 40 Black-led tech…



Horizan VC invests in Idea Stage Founders with Convertible Future Earnings Agreements, which is part equity and part future earnings agreement. This instrument will revolutionise idea-stage and bootstrapper funding. To summarise, here are the terms: -£10K-30K cheques. -Pay 10% of your monthly income if it’s at or above £2500 per month. Pay nothing if it’s not. -Repayment cap at 1.5x over 5 years or 2.0x over 10 years. -If you raise a qualifying round of £700,000 or more, your FEA converts to equity with the remaining unpaid amount.

*Read alternative financing terms

The Startup Club, a one-stop-shop for the global entrepreneur community.

The Startup Club help startups, scale-ups and growing companies reach their funding and development needs. In 2020, we hosted over 50 successful events, attended by numerous Angel Groups, high net worth investors, venture capital firms, private equity funds and investment professionals.