Financial Inclusion

In 2014 that number was 2 billion, Because account ownership is nearly universal in high-income economies, virtually all unbanked adults live in developing economies. China and India, despite having relatively high account ownership, claim large shares of the global unbanked population because of their sheer size. Home to 225 million adults without an account, China has the world’s largest unbanked population, followed by India (190 million), Pakistan (100 million), and Indonesia (95 million) (map 2.1). Indeed, these four economies, together with three others — Nigeria, Mexico, and Bangladesh — are home to nearly half the world’s unbanked population (figure 2.1).

About Miruminvest

Mirum Invest is a boutique London-based investment advisory company that helps startups and SMEs to successfully launch and grow their business.

We connect startup businesses with investors and assist with raising finance, business development and planning, as well as go-to-market campaigns. We support businesses from concept to a scalable venture with launch strategies, business process planning, and “how to” implementation.

Our main focus is Fintech, in the Financial Inclusion Arena.

Our Projects

Our mission is that anyone with a phone can pay, receive, or bank from anywhere anytime

Infinity aims to improve your relationship with money and make investing a fun feature of your life.

GudItalia is a web platform for the love of “Made in Italy”

KogoPAY has raised £1 million in pre-Series A funding for it “socially-conscious” banking and payments platform.

Our investors are seeking all in Agritech for investment. irrigation systems, New farming methods, new growing methods, for example, Vertical Farming.

Our Partners

OVHcloud is a leading European cloud hyperscaler and has been a cloud and infrastructure provider for over 20 years, with more than 1.5 million customers worldwide served by 32 global water-cooled data centres. The OVHcloud Startup Program is a global program that has been running since 2015 and has received almost 7000 applications of which more than 2000 have been assisted with cloud credits and solution architecture support. We have a great cloud solutions offering for startups. Read More

Panamax Inc is a leading provider of Fintech and Telecom solutions to telecom operators, banks, financial institutions, carriers, service providers across the globe. Our fintech solutions include comprehensive Digital Financial Solutions suite that simplifies online transactions and drive financial inclusion.

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. LATOKEN entered CoinmarketCap’s Top-20 in March 2019 and keeps improving the result.

FINTECH.TV is a global media platform bringing you the latest in finance, blockchain, technology, sustainability, impact investing, SDGs, and ESG, with a studio presence at leading international exchanges.

Upcoming Events

All key actors of the Fin & Tech ecosystem will be there to share with you their vision on the future of Finance at the digital era for this Paris Fintech Forum “summer edition”.

we are doing a focus on the main stage agenda of the Beyond Finance stream, which will be held the 1/07 from 2 to 6 pm cet. Discover below the astonishing sessions we planned for you on subjects such as embedded finance, Cloud, Data and much more.


NB: beside those live panels & interviews, you will enjoy

  • several side sessions (thematic interactive roundtables, direct video chat with speakers, open discussions tables, …),
  • so many networking functions such as attendees list browse & contact, 1to1 video meeting, matchmaking proposals, dedicated networking rooms,
  • Access to the exhibition hall with 40+ exhibitors  and interactive video welcome desk to enhance your experience


Hong Kong Design x International Design Awards

This sharing session invited a number of international design award winners to share their award-winning experience, design perspectives and road to success, in order to encourage more Hong Kong representatives to participate in the international awards and cultivate young and superior design talents.

The “Hong Kong International Design Awards Sponsorship Program” sponsored by the Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA) is sponsored by Creative Hong Kong. The amount of sponsorship accounts for up to 50% of the total government funding. The award-winning local designers and companies are fully funded, and the amount of funding is up to HK$2 One hundred thousand!

Format: Webcast platform-ZOOM
language: Cantonese
Fee: Free Sign
up now:
Process sheet:
Guest speaker information: https://bit. ly/34v3d2r



  • Start Date:06/26/2021 2:30pm
  • End Date:26/06/2021 4:00pm
  • Event Category:Webinar


  • Hong Kong Designers Association



Cashless Africa

With 3 geographical regions (Europe, Asia & Africa) successfully developed over the last 18 years, the GPS series of events have been setting the scene for in-depth debate and discussions on payments and transactions in the retail space while bridging the gap between the stakeholders and the central banks/regulators.Read More »