Financial Inclusion

In 2014 that number was 2 billion, Because account ownership is nearly universal in high-income economies, virtually all unbanked adults live in developing economies. China and India, despite having relatively high account ownership, claim large shares of the global unbanked population because of their sheer size. Home to 225 million adults without an account, China has the world’s largest unbanked population, followed by India (190 million), Pakistan (100 million), and Indonesia (95 million) (map 2.1). Indeed, these four economies, together with three others — Nigeria, Mexico, and Bangladesh — are home to nearly half the world’s unbanked population (figure 2.1).

About Miruminvest

Mirum Invest is a boutique London-based investment advisory company that helps startups and SMEs to successfully launch and grow their business.

We connect startup businesses with investors and assist with raising finance, business development and planning, as well as go-to-market campaigns. We support businesses from concept to a scalable venture with launch strategies, business process planning, and “how to” implementation.

Our main focus is Fintech, in the Financial Inclusion Arena.

The Perfect Pitch Deck for Pre-Seed and Seed

Would you like to launch your company in Africa?

There are 3 requirements.

  • To be registered and have operations in a European country (not only EU).

  • To have sizeable and recurring revenues.

  • To have scalable tech & ops, i.e., being live in at least 2 European countries.

The program is for all the Tech industries (e-commerce, fintech, Saas…).

Our Projects

Our mission is that anyone with a phone can pay, receive, or bank from anywhere anytime

Simsan Ventures invests in outperforming underrepresented founders

GudItalia is a web platform for the love of “Made in Italy”

KogoPAY has raised £1 million in pre-Series A funding for it “socially-conscious” banking and payments platform.


A financial data analysis, education, money management & recommendations software for Financial Institutions and mobile application for the unbanked. Low financial education in Tanzania/ Africa, leading to bad spending habits and low uptake of formal financial services. This has over 60% of adults’ population in debt.

The new platform for your market research in Africa

Miruminvest + Uncapped have partnered to fund online businesses

We’re providing fast access to capital from £10K – £5M so you can focus on growing your business