Our Investment Space

Blockchain from Start Up’s to A Series+. Worldwide

Public Chain Infrastructure







Wallet Providers

Data Analysis


Supply Chain

Real Estate



Gaming (If you have games for nerds, collections, Pokémon world of Warcraft in the blockchain – we’re in)


Meds USA-Europe.

From Series A to B+ (Seed at revenue also considered)

Average Investment over lifetime up to €6-8M / not required but could be better

Lead / Co-Lead

Need to have some Clinical evidence

Market size >€500M

IP already filed or accepted

Strong Team, with possibility of further development in earlier stage companies


Regarding sectors for medtech:

Digital healthcare

Surgical equipment

In vitro and in vivo diagnostic

Therapeutic devices


Fintech Africa- LATAM

Financial Inclusion  Seed stage +


Other verticals considered at Seed stage only .